Two Tamed Hyacinth Macaw Parrots email:(cameronmills123456@gmail.com) or Text (724) 241-3049
Adarable Pair Green Wing Macaw Parrots For Adoption To Any Lovely Family email:(cameronmills123456@gmail.com) or Text (724) 241-3049 for details website:http://exoticbirdseggs.com/
I am giving out my adorable Green Wing Macaw for sale to those homes who are really interested not only in adopting them but taking good care of them. they were well trained and are in good health and vet checked, they also came along with their well fabricated breeding cages., these parrots by name kaka (male) and (Rema) female they can call their names respectively and only the female (Rema) ...
MACAW AVAILABLE TO GO NOW, We are looking to find a new home for our blue & gold macaw. He is very vocal, knowing tons of words and phrases. He is 5 years old this month and we will include his hatch certificate. His cage, all toys, food, dishes, etc. will all go to his new home with him. He is friendly toward males and doesn't particularly care for females leaving your email:(cameronmills12345...
Two adorable hyacinth macaw parrots for sale I have 1 boy and 1 girl. They are very friendly to children and other home animals email:(cameronmills123456@gmail.com) or Text (724) 241-3049
pair of male and female Hyacinth macaw parrots birds for adoption. They are all hand raised, hand fed and fully tamed birds. They do have a great temperament love's kids, very intelligent and also very sociable with other pets and strangers. For more information you can contact us via email:(cameronmills123456@gmail.com) or Text (724) 241-3049
Hyacinth Macaw Parrots for sale. Very well socialized. Vet checked and micro chipped. Health and medical certificates from our vet. DNA sexed unrelated male/female. Great talkers. They whistle, sing and respond to voice commands.email:(cameronmills123456@gmail.com) or Text (724) 241-3049 website:http://exoticbirdseggs.com/
Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot talkative and very social bird. DNA sexed female with microchip. Loves to cuddle, sit on shoulder, play on the floor, sing opera and dance to the Beatles! Nice large cage included.email:(cameronmills123456@gmail.com) or Text (724) 241-3049 website:http://exoticbirdseggs.com/
I have had him since he was 12 weeks old. He is lovely, tame and loves music, being stroked. He says lots of stuff. Hellow son, haway bob, thats me dog. Hello chicken, are you coming, good boy and lots of other stuff. I have moved into a flat and unable to keep him. He sleeps from 8pm until 7-8am and has done since he was a youngster. He comes with new toys, cage and calcium that he needs every...
I have a pair of hyacinth parrots ready for a new home. They are tamed, friendly, hand-fed and vaccinated. These parrots are home raised. They are well known for their bright colors. Will come with all necessary papers, vaccination records, health certificate and a free cage.email:(cameronmills123456@gmail.com) or Text (724) 241-3049 website:http://exoticbirdseggs.com/
This are our family pets. They are friendly, never have bitten anyone. It will take a couple of days to get used to to a new home and surroundings. We will only give them up to a person experienced with birds.email:(cameronmills123456@gmail.com) or Text (724) 241-3049 website:http://exoticbirdseggs.com/
Very tame. Likes to eat. Egg. .. .
Male African Grey. Successful at breeding. $1,100.00 949-857-6117 .
3 years old Rosebreasted Cockatoo Male for Breeding or pet $1100 or trade for another Parrot or Indian ring neck for more information about please contact me at 8185643o87 thank you. .
I have for sale a stunning pair of hand reared baby umbrella cockatoos. they are very friendly hand raised and i have had both sexed,and they are closed rung. they come with a large cage.food.toys.free standing bird stand. They can be sold separately at an agreed price.They are hand fed and also tamed and use to household pets and kids. I have had them since they were a baby. They love to go ou...
Gorgeous blue and gold Macaw parrot! Very sweet and easy going! Almost weaned, she is now ready for you with her cage. She is 18 months old. Lovely and fast to mark words. She is tamed, you can take her outside and play with her. Email me at mbulebrian@gmail.com
5year old tame talks laughs swears & loves to drink tea from your mug, comes with hatch and dna papers, she also comes with a large new cage & toys. Email me at mbulebrian@gmail.com
Hi We are currently hand rearing some baby AFRICAN GREY PARROTS all of my babies are hand reared and very tame and have been brought up around children and other pets. We have bred and reared birds as a hobby for over 60 years. We take great pride and care in every baby we hand rear, all of our birds come with closed rings & hatching certificates and a good supply of food to get you started and...
Blue and Gold Macaw we bought a while ago, when he arrived he had plucked his chest and tail feathers due to not getting enough attention from previous owner, over the period of time his feathers are coming back and he is much happier and talkative, he likes to be around people and loves spending time outside of his cage on top of his cage, He comes with cage and toys, he needs to be with some ...
Cute female & male African grey parrots looking forever homes. They are two years old now, Comes with travelling cage. Very healthy and tamed. Eat variety of foods and seeds. Love playing with kids. Beautiful birds. Love cuddle and kisses. Whistles and talk. Will only to good loving home. Will make a wonderful addition to your house hold and a wond .
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