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Looking for a small dehumidifier. It only needs to dry out one room. Thank you so much.
In need of 5 gallon buckets with handles to be used to feed cattle chop on our farm. Thanks!
Need a 6' tall bookcase with multiple shelves for books and kids toys. Thank you for considering, Penny
My 8 year old grandson would like to type his journal up old-fashion style; unfortunately, we gave away our manual and electric typewriters years ago.
Looking for 2 hoppity hops to use with Kindergarten-first grade special needs students. Happy to pick up in Chville and surrounding counties. Thanks in advance!
I am trying to build my homestead to provide for my family but I just took in a foster, my neice, and money is very tight. To top it off, the state sent some guys out to clear the lines and they mowed down my raspberry and blueberry patch and I can't afford to replace them.i will take any unwanted fruit trees or bushes, fencing, supplies, tools, etc. I will transport and dig up plants and anyth...
I am a crafter/homesteader that is tight on money right now. I will take any unwanted soap making supplies, candle making supplies, yarn, fabric, sewing tools, knitting, crochet, spinning or weaving tools. Also, pretty specific but also any pottery or glass blowing tools as I do those too, well used to. Thank you so so much in advance!
My sister-in-law is a single mom with 3 kids and is in need of pretty much any furniture needed for a home including beds mattresses dressers table chairs. She living with us but found a place but has no furniture or household items, her ex took EVERYTHING and dissapeared, he was nice ebough to leave their clothes and most of the kids toys, but literally everything else was gone. you name it sh...
I am looking for one of those metal cash boxes that has place for change and bills to be used for garage sale. If someone has one they don't need any more I sure could use it. thanks
I am looking for empty picture albums. I am going to use them to organize my recipes, I'm specifically looking for the kind that holds 2 pictures per page, but I'll look at others.
Hi - this is for tuning up vehicles...If you have one you don' want or need, I would be very grateful to get one; thanks! -John
If you have a 4"-6" bench vise that's installed in your workshop I can help detach it. Thanks.
Need full size mattress for my mother. Thank you.
Looking for coupons from your Sunday paper.
Out wood is soaked- and we need some dry wood for tomorrow night. Happy to trade (ours will probably dry eventually ;) ) Can pick up in the am.
I can pick them up at your convenience. Moving west and need boxes
I donated a bench 6 years ago but the wood has split and it can no longer be used. Ideally a metal bench so it would last through the winters. I am happy to do painting if necessary. Thank you!
My vehicle (Saturn) requires $4fig's to put in a new engine, ...budget wont support
Looking for clean fill dirt for large backyard landscaping project.
Looking for Rock Dust for filling in gravel driveway.
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