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I'm looking for a handful of vermiculite or perlite to make a seed starting mix. Thank you!
I'm currently looking for a used IPhone 5S that is used on the AT&T network. Mine has just died on me and I really need badly to keep in contact with my folks back home. If you have available and you're currently not using it, please contact me. I would go anywhere in Austin to pick it up. Thank you!
I just saw the first hummingbird ever in my backyard, and would love love love a hummingbird feeder to encourage them! If you have one you're not using, stored in the garage and lonely, or dirty, I'll clean it up, no problem! I would prefer north central Austin or downtown, but I'm flexible and will pick up anywhere. Thank you in advance
We need a Keurig or similar single serve K-cup coffee machine for our small office. Thanks!
Hello! I am wanting to start sublimating cups and need a toaster oven or convection oven to start doing so. Does anyone have one they are looking to get rid of? It just needs to be big enough to stand a coffee cup in there. It doesn't matter if it's dirty. Thank you!
Looking for a working electric washer & dryer. Appearance not important, functionality is. Thanks in advance, Freecyclers. :)
A housemate recently moved out and absconded with most of our forks. If you have any extras, we'll gladly take them off your hands. Thanks!
Friend busted a wheel on an otherwise perfect space heater. Hoping to find a Soleus model #HM1-10-32 for replacement parts. The model is out of production and no parts are available from manufacturer. TIA for looking ;-]
We have a senior dog who cannot walk as far as his sister anymore. We're looking for a wagon that will carry 60-80# so that when he gets tired, we an put him in the wagon and still keep walking or hiking. We are happy to pickup. TIA!
I am looking for a queen size bed for a friend. He lost most of his furniture in a move. Prefer non smoking. thank you
Needing a riding lawn mower or small yard/garden tractor. Not running OK as long as reasonably repairable. Will pick up at your convenience. If you have one sitting around let me take it off of your hands.
Don't have internet so this is how I get my entertainment. I know they're bulky and a lot of people don't have a VCR anymore. No kids movies please!
Looking for a used rocking recliner chair.
30-Sep-2017 Austin, TX Items Wanted
Please i would really appreciate if i could get a sewing machine as i have not been able to afford one to practice and start my sewing business.. God bless us all
30-Sep-2017 Austin, TX Items Wanted
Looking for a child's play bow and arrow for Halloween costume. Willing to return after Halloween
30-Sep-2017 Austin, TX Items Wanted
looking for a dresser & night stand as I just lost my furniture and have to start over. Doesn't have to be pretty or matching just functional. I can pick up
29-Sep-2017 Austin, TX Items Wanted
Wanted: Adult kick scooter or electric scooter
28-Sep-2017 Austin, TX Items Wanted
I am interested in trying to learn the guitar, and someone was kind enough to give me an amp. Now I'm just looking for a guitar. If you've got one you don't play anymore, I'd love to come and get it from you. Maybe some sheet music too or any other learning materials.
28-Sep-2017 Austin, TX Items Wanted
Hello all! I am in search of a chrome shelving unit. If you have an extra one I would love to take it off your hands. Decent condition would be nice, the weight it carries isn't an issue. Thanks!
28-Sep-2017 Austin, TX Items Wanted
Anyone have an air rowing machine stashed away that they don't use anymore? My son is just learning to row and it would help a lot to have a machine at home. Thx!
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