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8-Jun-2017 Palmerton, PA (15 miles) Event Services
About Us: Troubled Wine is a "Power Trio Of Uncommon Style" Focus is mostly on Rock music genre, influenced by blues.
8-Jun-2017 Catasauqua, PA (5 miles) Event Services
About Us: YO.. Napstar s ready for the show. Get ready for a saintly performance, because Napstar Saint is serving up so many new sounds that you re going to need to plug him into your C-Drive so your ears don t overload. Napstar Saint, a.k.a. Emile Emmanuel Ramsingh, comes to us all the way from Trinidad, which explains why touches of his new poppier songs remain reminiscent of his reggae root...
8-Jun-2017 Bethlehem, PA (10 miles) Event Services
About Us: We are an Audio Group of many different cultures and come together all for 1 purpose, to dance, to have fun, to let others have fun in the joy of our music.
About Us: Dee Mugga rap/hip hop artist from Allentown Pa looking for gigs or any thing that can help expand my music.
About Us: I am a solo artist looking for people to form a band. Rock, pop, electro pop, latin rock/pop, dance, trance
8-Jun-2017 Bethlehem, PA (10 miles) DJ/Music Services
About Us: I sing rock,pop,r&b,country, and broadway
About Us: I have been both a grindcore soloist, and noise artist. I am a very avid Bassist. I can play bass in any style. Jazz, Rock, Metal, Grindcore. I can do Deathgrowls, Black Metal Shrieks, Pig Squeals (Grind not Screamo). I can play standard guitar.
About Us: I am starting a crust punk project and am currently searching a guitarist, and drummer.
About Us: We are a three piece band with guitar, bass, and drums. We are looking for a singer to complete our group and move on to bigger things. If you play an instrument, such as keyboards, guitar, or harp, that's a plus. Our song list has the best of Chicago and Texas blues with a bit of classic rock and R&B. We have played at many local jams and would like to move up to festivals and gigs. ...
8-Jun-2017 Easton, PA (20 miles) DJ/Music Services
About Us: well its me my boyfriend and a good friend of ours...i wanted to start a band 2yrs but it never happen so i asked my boyfriend and my friend Megan they both said yes. i have three new song already for us we just want to have fun and just make people feel happy and feel like their having more fun than us
About Us: hi,my name is miko(pronounced mee-ko). i'm 23yrs old and it's always been my dream to sing and make music. the problem is i am going for a metal/old school rock sound but because my voice is more high pitched than most female singers of this type of genre i get turned down,and there are alot of delays as well. i write my own lyrics and would like to have someone help me compose my son...
11-Jun-2017 Easton, PA (20 miles) DJ/Music Services
About Us: Hey my name is Dan. I'm a nineteen year old guitar player trying to join or form a hard rock/rock band. I am a guitar major at kutztown university and I've been in a band before. I am very open minded to other genres (except for scream/hardcore). My influences are eric johnson, foo fighters, led zeppelin, styx, the beatles, iron maiden, judas priest. If you just want to jam sometime a...